Battery Life

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Battery Life is a little musical adventure for me, into the land of ambient. In May I was fooling around with various drum kits. I improvised the drums first, then played other instruments to them. For a couple of the tracks I went back and deleted the existing drum tracks and improvised new ones, and played with taking out chunks rather than having a continuous drum track.


Cosmic Blues

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When the universe serves you up interstellar star dust, what do you do?

You get on with writing and composing, something like the: Cosmic Blues.

This little collection is a bit of each of the following:

  • piano blues
  • synthesized textures

Another step on my musical journey.


Three For George

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My cousin George Boorman passed away suddenly on May 3rd, 2021. He was a special person, and I have a lifetime of fond memories of him. In this pandemic time, there couldn’t be an in-person memorial service, but there was a beautiful online one. When I heard of his passing, I had been composing piano pieces, and the last three were all done thinking of him. “One For George” was played at the memorial. There are two others in this group. It is my small tribute to a wonderful life, and a wonderful man, whose positivity, spirit of adventure, love of life, and generosity to everyone he met, will live on.

Here’s to you George!