“Life Is Art”: Art Life–Music

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Here is the music part of this “Life Is Art” project. I worked on both music and poems at the same time, and decided to separate them, rather than have a poem precede each piece of music. There is a bit of a “Jim Boormanism” in all this. After I came up with the title of the project (this went through several iterations), I realized the multiple meanings a la punism. Punctuation is very important (remember “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves”!). So, I like the idea that the title is a bit of a cliche about life and art, but you can also read it as a quotation from the person, Art Life, who perhaps, is a bit of a narcissist:>)

Some of these pieces are long (longest about 12 minutes), so be forewarned! Make a cup of tea and imbibe the vibe.

“Life Is Art”: Music