I am a keyboardist and composer of electronic/acoustic fusion: blues-tinged, jazz dabbled, and Debussy-inspired, on a rocky foundation. I grew up playing acoustic piano, but now use a trusty old beast (my beloved A80) and Logic to compose the music you’ll hear here.

I’ve been passionate about music since I can remember. I love all kinds of music, and listen to a wide assortment of musicians. My background includes classical piano training from the age of five to my mid-teens, and two years of music composition at the University of Calgary.

As an adult, I’ve taken voice lessons from a wonderful jazz vocalist, musician, and teacher, Karin Plato, and violin from Kathleen Nisbet, who is also a great teacher and musician. Tenor sax is progressing (can’t wait to restart in-person lessons post-Covid), as is electric guitar. I’ll start on re-learning (last played in Grade 9!) clarinet. Lucky we rent a house!