World of Wonder – Pt II

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This is the second (and final) part of World of Wonder. I’ve been having fun learning about recording the acoustic songs (as opposed to composing strictly instrumental and electronic). Of course, I have a lot more to learn. But life is a journey:>)

I’ll post the lyrics to the two songs below: Leather Fair, and World of Wonder. Enjoy! Jim

Leather Fair

Softly crunches the coming night
The queen crosses the menacing light
The king drops the crochet stitching
And leaves the gallery to all their bitching

I’ve tossed and turned these many days
Waiting for songs to gift their ways
Leaning on langsam and heavenly host
To portent the affairs of a ghost

Someone, somewhere must whistle this tune
So many possibilities, a Universal room
So many apprentices bent over their trays
So many wurst-hoarders foraging through hay

I alight on a trodder, this horse was once mine
Bewitched now by the ocean’s sweet chimes
Rocks and rolling waves on the lee shore
So many dreams, why not a few more?

World of Wonder

World of wonder
Simian home
Too much slumber Too many gnomes

Too many autocrats
Baying at the Moon
Too many aristocrats
Eating much too soon

Plate out a medley
From those long-ago tunes
I’ll follow my heart’s muse
And lose the buffoons