The Real Deal

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This set is a little different. Each piece starts with some spoken word, blank verse that links to the song. Sometimes I’d write these words before I started, but usually after, since Logic Pro X, which I use to record, has a nice feature that allows you to write notes in a notepad that sits to the side of the main recording page. What a godsend! So, first the “lyrics” to each piece. The music first, and the words will follow:

The Real Deal 1

14 on the highway

16 wheels ahead

Looking like it’s going to rain

Hail falls instead

Sometimes there is lonely

And sadness is a friend

Let that stuff

Fall off your back

And get back home again….


The Real Deal 2

Only 45 minutes more

Before I leave this town

For good. There isn’t anything

holding me here, but the

memories stand tall and proud,

and tug at my heart.

Sweeping light and washed

out grey dawns, black birds

making their rounds picking

up little bits of food from last

night’s parties. Thought I had

this down, but the past caught

up with me. Now I’ll have to live

up to all this misery I caused.

Don’t feel sorry for me, though.

I know what I did. For every

cowboy hero, there’s four outlaws

on the skids. We’ll be coming to

a theatre near you, and expect

you’ll indulge us by your

watchful eyes…..


The Real Deal 3

Filing past the filling stations

Left or right they’re all the same

Someone says that past the

notch on that hill, there used to be

An eagle’s nest.

But it’s gone….


People tell me I’m a dreamer

Full of stuff that won’t come true

Sometimes late at night

I’m thinking, what if this is

Reality too.


Too much pain in this old county

For the biggest spoke around.

Too much to lose at Harold’s wedding

Please be quiet don’t make a sound.


There are reevers in the odd sham

Who have sung the hymns too loud

There are stealers in that bed lam

Making all their mommy’s proud.


Me I’ll sit here down by Greendale

Let the ghosts of music past

Blast the hell outta those phony

Creatures and chase ‘em down

To hell’s holy ground.


The Real Deal 4

Finished phosfor, finished light

Left early this morning,

After the blues took flight.

Seen the winter of ’64

Been where nobody’s been before.

Now I’m thinking I’m a major disgrace.

Got all the buttons, but I lost the race.


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