Imagineering #2: Gray Streets/Doomed City

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Fast past the cars, trucks, buses, sirens of ambulances and fire trucks screaming down the crowded streets.

Construction plywood with signs of what is to come. Holes in the ground, partially obscured by this half built craze.

Young, old, hip and not so much, street dwellers and urbanites mix, spill onto the sidewalks from the coffee shops. Communities of musicians and the aspiring, huddled over a joint in the alley beside the venue. Singles, couples, newspapers spread out on old wooden tables, seated at rickety chairs. Laptops poised, fingers raised, plans made, writing and seeing, looking into the future and back to the past.

Greed unmasked. Signs everywhere. For Sale. Sold. Doomed.

Ignorance. Bliss. Unkind thoughts.

Will the Phoenix rise again?

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