Imagineering #1: Headlands

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This post begins a new venture for me: pairing a creation of my imagination in text and music. The music is intertwined in the text I’ll insert below.


I race to the headlands. Running, pell-mell, tripping over my own laces. Feet soaked by the misty surf. Sand crunching under my feet as I stare at the grey abyss.

I am free. For now. I have eluded capture. They won’t take me here. I am anxious. Paranoid perhaps. A mental breakdown? No. Hardly anytime passes at all. The fog is flowing inland. Past me. Through me. I feel moist, damp, alternately hot and cold, as the heat from my exertion starts to wear off and my joints begin their usual post-midlife ache.

I have made friends and lost them through neglect, through distance, the distance of space and time. I am alone here. Seagulls calling out to mates, warning rivals.

Are they free too?

I leave my footprints on the sand as I walk towards the sheltered cove that I see, faintly, in the distance.

How near or far am I to my destination, to my future? What lies ahead? Am I doomed to a joyless, lonely death here in these headlands?

I rally. Catch up with my soul. I need forgiveness and love. I seek warmth, shelter, a home for my tortured mind. I am happy and eternally sad as I face my thoughts alone, among the headlands.

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