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Where in heaven’s name did I get this title, you might rightly ask!

After finishing the sorting process, and posting what I considered the cream of the crop from those five years, it’s time to shake things up a bit (myself, that is!).

I firmly believe that you progress, when you are jolted, or jolt yourself, out of the stasis we crave in life. I don’t mean by harmful means, but the “out of the box”, “out of the comfort zone” and into the light journey. This presupposes you have already done your homework: i.e., those thousands of hours that popular wisdom (and possibly a pseudo-scientific article) cites as what it takes to become good at anything.

Pushing boundaries. So, my comfort zone is composing on an ancient midi keyboard, my beloved A80, using Logic software. When my elderly (5 years in the tooth) computer, showed signs of age and crashed at the least amount of effort (like booting up Logic X), I knew I needed something to take the place of this so comfortable process. I placed my Yamaha portable keyboard on top of the A80, ready for action, while I completed the sorting. A couple of magic things have happened. I unplugged the midi out from the A80 and put it in the Yamaha, stuck the pedal cord in. And…Woops, getting ahead of myself. Worried about the state of my laptop, after backing everything up, I decided to roll the dice and re-insert the operating system as a last resort at solving the crashing at inconvenient times syndrome. Couldn’t find the original OS, so installed El Capitan, which is a free download. Crossed my fingers while I booted Logic X (after installing drivers for my midi interface), and low and behold, it is stable, and works well!

So I’m back in action. I’ve used the Yamaha for two new compositions, and the feel is just fine.

Here, then, is a new series, dedicated to getting out of that old comfort zone:

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