A Present From The Past

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Some milestones in life seem to be forever just out of reach, or so long term you forget about them. Whatever started you on this path? Has it changed? Maybe you’ve forgotten all about it!

After composing by improvising for more than five years, I’ve finally caught up in my sorting of these compositions. All I can say is that, as usual, it has been a real learning experience, and I’ve changed in the time it has taken to achieve my goal. If everything I ever recorded was perfect, there would be no need for sorting. Alas, I am far from perfect!

What you have in this series and the previous two, is the results of that sorting process. In the meantime, after I started using the latest version of my Logic audio software for recording, this process has changed and I hope I’ll never have to resort to working through years and years of compositions.

But I may as well celebrate!

Hope you enjoy this one:

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