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I’ve been busy adding sound files to my SoundCloud account (accessible by the cloud-looking icon at the bottom of the page; samples are available under the Music heading of this website). YouTube videos of some acoustic blues on the old Mehlin may have to wait until she is tuned.

This fall continues to be warm, with lots of sun. Unusual for Vancouver, BC, or maybe the new normal. Certainly it has made for a great garden. Scarlet runner beans are still producing, as is kale and arrugula.

A lot of the inspiration I get for composing music comes from the natural world of plants and animals. In the back yard of our house we are lucky to have a very tall evergreen (which I should know the name of, having worked for years on Wood Products courses at BCIT:>), and a mountain ash. Flocks of various birds are feasting on the berries: robins, flickers, chickadees, with northwestern crows keeping a close eye on the proceedings. I pace the backyard every day, at lunch and after work, checking for new growth, trying to mimic bird song and calls, watching the sky for change. It is a panorama that is always changing, always interesting, and always inspiring.

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