Suspended Animotion

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New Music: Suspended Animotion

Each piece has an accompanying text:

(1) The Grand Opening

The Grand Opening

Hey, what’s on sale?

Run, Run, Run,

I can see them: 1/2 price!

Amazing. C’mon man, let’s partake!!!

(2) Solace Sweet

So at last the meeting we hardly hoped for

and were somewhat in awe of, has occurred

and we are able to sail on solemn seas

past loafs of orangy melting sauces neat

and leave this hell hole and wish them well

and so end our journeys in solace sweet.

(3) Sounds of Breezes

Floating free, far from home

where the homo sapiens roam

Sounds of breezes by the sea

Wondering what it all meant to me.

(4) Smoke Rises

Let’s keep it on the road!

Hands on the wheel: 10 and 2


Hey, easy!

You’re going to…


Smoke rises from the fields

Fearless leaders are nothing

more than an assembly of misplaced electrons

And now those very electrons have been electrified

by the electronate.

Memory’s End: Childhood

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I’m fascinated about how our memory works, as we reach back to our childhood. Some memories can be triggered by a more generic label or name that evokes memories in the further, harder to reach past. Memories are our personal history that we rewrite all the time. And we colour them accordingly.

Although I was born in Montreal, I was too young to have any solid memories (only what my mother told me), as I was three years old when we returned to the west. Lakeside Drive is an evocative label, a very common name for streets by water bodies. It is a label that evokes for me a feeling and mood, that seems to help reach back further than my conscious mind will allow.

And here is the music: